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Moroccan Getaway all 32 (or just 20!) colors Ombre fabric Quilt PDF Pattern


This is a PDF Pattern
This quilt comes in three different sizes:
large: 79" x 91"
medium: 57" x 68"
baby: 34" x 46"
Traditional piecing

This pattern uses V and Co Ombre Fabric with Moda

This pattern includes step by step instructions with color illustrations, pictures and diagrams.

For the 20 color version we used theV and Co Ombre Metallic Fairy dust (shipping to stores in August of 2020) :
Materials needed:
1/2 yard each of 20 Ombré fabrics:
Graphite Grey (10800-13), Hot Pink (10800-14), Lime Green (10800-18), Teal (10800-31),
Avocado (10800-52), Magenta (10800-201), Taupe (10800-204), Lagoon (10800-207),
Plum (10800-208), Turquoise (10800-209), Mint (10800-210), Mustard (10800-213),
Sand (10800-215), Persimmon (20800-216), Honey (10800-219), Coral (10800-221),
Onyx (10800-222), Aubergine (10800-224), Indigo (10800-225), Popsicle Pink (10800-226).

For the 32 color version:
Fat quarter cut of
Honey (10871-219M), Mustard (10871-213M), Persimmon (10871-216M), Cherry (10871-314M), Burgundy (10871-317M), Cranberry (10871-318M), Mulberry (10871-3160, Coral (10871-221M), Tangerine (10871-311M), Popsicle Pink (10871-226M), Hot Pink (10871-14M), Magenta 201M), Plum (10871-208M), Mauve (10871-319M), Abergine (10871-224M), Iris (10871-320M), Nantucket (10871-321M), Slate (10871-322M), Indigo (10871-225M), Lime Green (10871-18M), Avocado (10871-52M), Mint (10871-210M), Evergreen (10871-324M), Turquoise (10871-209M), Lagoon (10871-207M), Teal(10871-31M), Kelly (10871-323M), Sand (10871-215M), Taupe (10871-204M), Graphite Grey (10871-13M), Onyx (10871-222M).

7 yards Moda white star ombre (10871-332M)
3/4 yard Popsicle Pink Ombré (10800-226M) for Binding
8 1/4 yards for Backing (we used our ombre confetti dot!
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