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Barn Dance Quilt Pattern- PDF FILE


two quilt sizes are included in this pattern
baby quilt size: 42" x 42"
throw quilt size: 69" x 75"
inspired by the quilt blocks found on the side of barns in eastern iowa. this unique quilt also tells the story of the dances that go on inside. at first just a few people or pieces fall into place and slowly the rest of the individuals come together to create the "dance" or the quilt blocks.

fabric requirement baby:
4 Prints: 1 Fat Quarter of each (18" x 22")
Background: 12/3 yards
Binding: 1⁄2 yard
Backing: 3 yards

fabric requirement throw:
Top purple star: Fat Quarter* (10801 15)
Top green diamonds: Fat Quarter (10806 18) Teal blue: 1⁄2 yard (10806 19)
Yellow: Fat Quarter
Orange: Fat Quarter
Pink: 1/3 yard
Gray: 1/3 yard
Bottom teal & green star: Fat Quarter
(10801 21)
Background: 51⁄4 yards (9900 97 Bella Solid) Binding: 2/3 yard (10803 18)
Backing: 5 yards (10804 16)
*Fat Quarter: 18" x 22"